If you're in Wyoming, plan accordingly...

Preparing for ADVENTURE

I've lived here most of my life, so allow me give you a few tips. During your travels throughout the Black Hills, you'll observe that things are a little more slow placed, you can't always find a cell signal, and restaurants aren't open 24/7. That being said, its part of what makes this place so special. Here's a few hints and suggestions to get you on the right path. Food,

Things To Pack With You:

What you put in your car or your backpack is important...perhaps the only way to know for sure where your next meal or drink is coming from! Depending on the time of day, week, or year, its never a sure thing that your intended establishment is going to be open for business. For the hotel and Bed n' Breakfast crowd, keep eye on your watch: only bars are open after 9pm!

  • Road maps go a long way. Siri isn't always going to be around to hold your hand.
  • Most towns average 1 working ATM and credit cards aren't always accepted: Bring Johnny Cash.
  • A good cooler is recommended for the campers
  • Rain coat... even on a nice day.
  • Sandals are great, but open-toed shoes don't mix well with steep rocks--pack good shoes.
  • Bring a mindset to slow down and be "present". Why work so hard to NOT be where you are!!??

Places to get the gear:

For your "one-stop" shop to get the gear you want, visit the good folks at High Mountain Outfitters in the northern hills of Spearfish, South Dakota. They've got everything you need for Black Hills adventures. From the clothing and gear, to the books and maps; it's a great place to visit.




--If you find yourself in Sundance, WY and need something outdoorsy.... Check this place out.--

If the Kid got his name here... this is where he found his gear.

(and maybe his guns)

Lodging Opportunities:

Hotels and Campgrounds abound throughout the Black Hills...call for suggestions.

For a unique opportunity to spend time In view of Devils Tower, check out the authentic Tipi camping located just minutes from Devils Tower National Monument. One step inside and you'll know you're in the right place.


Come listen to your heart beat!
— Juliana * Devils Tower, WY

FOr Beds, Breakfast, and Horse Rides...

A rustic and traditional appeal with cabins and countryside... visit Bear Lodge Mountain Resorts in scenic Sundance, WY, just 25 minutes away From Devils Tower. --Horse Rides available for Cowboys and cowGirls--


Food Stuff:

Best pizza in the county, cold beer, and good people-- what else do you want???

Perhaps a place to clean your stuff up? Fine, she's got that too...


Voluntary June Closure at Devils Tower

  • The final 1995 Monument Climbing Management Plan for Devils Tower National Monument established an annual voluntary closure for all climbing routes as a way to balance the cultural and spiritual importance of the feature to American Indian tribes with its history as a unique and world class rock climbing destination. The Access Fund, a nonprofit organization working to maintain access to climbing areas and protect the climbing environment, fully supports the voluntary climbing closure. Most climbers choose not to climb the Tower during June.

You can find more information on Devils Tower NPS website:


Whether it is waxing poetic poetic about Devils Tower History, climbing physics and fall factors, or what Shakespeare might’ve been thinking... Buck Wild Climbing Guides will make your experience memorable.
— Jeff B. * Lead, SD